Phasor I is a medium-sized rocket designed by the Velocity Space team from September 2021 to May 2022, which proved its amazing capabilities on May 22, 2022, when it was launched. The rocket has a single stage propelled by a solid fuel engine. It is equipped with a recovery system that allows the rocket to land safely back on the ground.

May 22, 2022

On May 22, 2022, our team successfully launched Phasor I. With its single-stage design propelled by a solid fuel rocket engine, Phasor I reached a remarkable altitude of 780m and performed flawlessly throughout the mission.

The rocket was equipped with a reliable recovery system that allowed it to safely land back on the ground. We received visual confirmation of the parachute deployment, but sadly due to multiple atmospheric factors we were not able to locate and recover it.

The launch of Phasor I was a monumental milestone for us and it also provided our team members with invaluable experience in rocket design, manufacturing, and launch, preparing them for future projects and missions.